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From Alvin Thompson>
Subject Re: Why I am opposed to retaining the name Geronimo, and whi I consider this VOTE to be biased.
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2003 17:17:27 GMT
<troll flame="true">

i'm also new to this apache approach to doing things, and quite frankly
i'm amazed anything ever gets done. so much time and effort wasted on
this idiotic discussion on whether Geronimo would like his name used
this way? talk about political correctness run amok! i've got news for
USE! GET A LIFE AND GET SOME ACTUAL WORK DONE! do not clutter my inbox
with useless drivel like what Geronimo would have wanted.

i'm sure i'm angering people when i say that this discussion is not just
stupid, but moronic. but to be perfectly honest, if you're the type of
person who thinks this topic is important enough to waste all this time
on, i really don't care if i anger you or not, because you probably
don't matter.

i (like everyone, i'm sure) consider myself to be an above-average
programmer. i have my fingerprints on many projects (do a google search
on my name), and i really wanted to help on this one. but i have never,
ever seen a project so utterly without direction (of its rank-and-file
members) as this one.

to the leadership of this project: shame on you! whenever you have
forums degenerate into such a mess, where so much time is wasted over
something so trivial and there is such a profound resistance to anything
but the status quo, it is always because the project lacks clear,
effective, leadership and the members are basically jockeying for
position in the meritocracy.

i am sure you (the leadership) are very talented programmers, but this
is a project of very large scope and you cannot hope to do everything
that needs to be done yourselves. i don't care where you get it from,
but you had better come up with some large-team management skills in a
hurry. this project is young, but it already has become a frozen,
mozilla-like quagmire.


On Mon, 2003-12-22 at 01:42, Ralph Harnden wrote:
> This group is ridiculous.  I am unsubscribing....
> Greg Wilkins <> wrote: 
>         Tim Anderson wrote:
>         > If this project can get written permission from Geronimo's
>         descendents
>         > or his custodians, then by all means use the name Geronimo.
>         > If not, find another name.
>         Tim,
>         I don't think permission is needed to reuse a name.
>         There a probably millions of people out there called Jesus.
>         Babies are named all the time after famous people.
>         I know cats called Albert Einstein.
>         David Beckams first child was named after a bridge in new york
>         I'm named after 3 popes and I'm not even catholic.
>         cheers
Alvin Thompson

Navy: 34
Army: 6

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