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From Srinath Perera <>
Subject RE:jsr190 geranimo integration
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 12:48:16 GMT
Hi jeremy;

>There will be two web-apps one where will reside the listeners and impl
>for the web ws, and another that will have one listener and the proxys
>to call the ejb service impl.

just for INFO ....

why you need have two webapps .. for web case and ejb case.

with axis for the user the fact that service implemented with the ejb ..
or java class is transparent. It is nice we have have the deployment
transparent as well ..

may be I am mis-understanding or It is enavitable to use  two webapps.


Note :- 
 IMO this is how it works... please correct me 

when the ws is service is deployed the 

1) Servcie impl classes and JSR109 tool genarated classes are added to
the axis and the deploment discriptor updated by the integration code.
2)the JNDI entry is added by the integaration code.
3)Axis Servlet (which is deployed initially) willl continue to run in
the web container accepting SOAP requests. now the web service is up and

** it may be useful to make it possible more than one JAX-RPC handler
(JAX-RPC runtime is correct word I belive as there are hander's in axis
we call sometime JAX-RPC handler.) but it is *NOT a requirement*

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