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From Vincent Tence <>
Subject Re: making JSR 77 / 88 reusable for component authors (& container developers)
Date Sun, 30 Nov 2003 22:59:21 GMT

> Also I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to a fellow
> developer
> who has been working on a AAA framework for containers at 
> He’s now
> a PicoContainer junky 

I like that :)

> and wants to find a way to get the AAA stuff working
> with both Merlin and Pico.  His name is Vincent Tence and I have CC’d
> him
> in this email.  He’s a solid security guy

That sounds exagerated to me, but I am indeed interested in the matter.

>  and I hope one day we can 
> implement a solid identity management solution using these components
> and the LDAP server with Geronimo as the target application server.  I
> just
> wanted to get his name out there so we can entice him to get involved
> in
> this effort.  Here’s the project he setup and I’m supposed J to be
> working
> on 

This work is a more than inspired from the aaa4avalon projet at sf which
unfortunately has not been active for a long time. The objective is to
built a set of components for AAA and support as many component
containers as possible. Currently targeted are Merlin (Avalon) and


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