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From "n. alex rupp" <>
Subject Re: how does one configure a new service?
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 16:55:51 GMT
> David Jencks wrote:
> > I'm  not entirely sure I understand how you are using all the terms
> > here, so hopefully you'll be able to understand at least part of what I
> > write:-)
> >
> > I'm assuming by "service" you mean "a bunch of mbeans".
> To which Jacek Laskowski responded:
> Exactly. The term "service" is taken from the names of the mbeans and
> files currently available in Geronimo. I don't therefore understand why
> people name the bunch of mbeans - services - if they're not so? How
> would you like to see it named? "A bunch of mbeans" is quite a long name :-)

In the books and in the documentation for JMX stuff we call them "manageable
I think the term "service" is extremely cliché--overused, confusing and so
abstract it is almost without meaning.  We might as well call them "things" as

Is there a way we could adopt the term manageable resources or some
abbreviation, (although, on second thought, we *could* start calling them
"BoMBs", which would nicely follow David's description "Bunch of MBeans")

And then you drop the BoMBs into the deployment directory, and ...

: P
N. Alex Rupp (

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