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From "gianny DAMOUR" <>
Subject WebDAV service
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 13:14:18 GMT

It seems that we will need a WebDAV service in order to implement the 
"distribute" operation of JSR88. More accurately, I would like to add a 
"distribute" task, which will trigger a "put" (it seems that a "get" is not 
likely to work) method on the client-side.

So, here is a short description of how this service will be implemented:

- A HTTP server needs to be deployed: I will re-use the HttpServer of Jetty 
and implement a HttpHandler in charge of handling the WebDAV protocol 
additional methods. AFAIK, one does not need to support all the WebDAV 
methods, however it will be rather easy to implement such an handler.
- The actual WebDAV server will be jakarta-Slide. More accurately, I will 
perform minor updates in order to mount Slide as a base service and not as a 
web-app. Regarding this point, if anyone prefers another WebDAV 
implementation, I am ready to change my mind.

Any concern?

BTW, I know that one could also mount such a service has a connector (WebDAV 
defines connections, transactions and security so this is a rather good 
outbound connection candidate), however to mount it as a standalone service 
avoids a J2EECA dependency. Hence this approach.


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