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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Geronimo DD Changes
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 17:04:49 GMT
	We (by which I think I mean myself, Jeremy, and David J) talked a 
bit at ApacheCon about changing our strategy on deplyoment descriptors.  
Our conclusion was that we should split the DDs up again, so that Geronimo 
DDs *do not* extend J2EE DDs, but we have 2 separate DD structures.  As 
for the POJOs, we would have one set of POJOs containing both J2EE and 
Geronimo deployment information, in a single tree instead of a "Geronimo 
extends J2EE" tree (because we really have no use for a J2EE tree on its 
own).  It would make both the schemas and the POJOs quite a bit cleaner, 
though we would have to do a bit of mapping at load time.

	This has two implications:

1) We'll have to rewrite the schemas and POJOs

2) We can't use a XML binding tool that generates its own POJOs (since we
will have 2 schemas going into one POJO tree).  On the up side, I've
recently heard of tools where you have to configure the tool to bind XML
to existing beans, so this might not be a big problem.

	I'm willing to undertake 1, and I'm not heartbroken by 2 (mainly 
because we've been having such problems with tools already).  But I guess 
I should put in a 3:

3) The deployment process will go unstable while we work this out

	At ApacheCon, we decided to hold off until "after the demo".  The
demo is over, but now people are talking about a release.  What do you
think about undertaking this now?


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