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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject RE: Remoting Update
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 16:21:29 GMT
On Mon, 24 Nov 2003, Bordet, Simone wrote:
> It's because JMX allows to register the same listener with different filters.


> Not following here.
> The listener stays on the client, and in JSR 160 semantic is not a
> remote object: it is burden of the "framework" to handle these details
> (JSR 160 does it, or another remoting framework not based on JSR 160
> semantic should do IMHO).
> Can you expand why you there is 1 thread per notification ? BTW, MX4J
> does not use 1 thread per notification; perhaps the remoting framework
> does ?

	Well it did when I read the source code.  But now that I look, I 
think I was looking at the v1.1.1 source code 

and I guess the current version doesn't do that any more.  My mistake.

> Having written such a remoting framework once, and then having
> implemented JSR 160, I think that the JSR 160 approach is simpler and
> still almost equally powerful. For example, I would not make anymore my
> listeners to be Remote in the RMI sense so that when a notification is
> to be sent to that listener, the server calls the client via RMI. That
> was the old MX4J remoting style of sending remote notifications. I have
> to say that I like JSR 160's more.

	Now you're getting out of my depth.  I'd love to see you talk to
Hiram about the differences between your JSR-160 implementation and the
remoting framework that's currently in place.

	But let me ask you this.  If the listener does happen to be on a
remote machine, and the conenction is lost, how is the server supposed to
handle it?  I would like the listener to be removed, instead of the server 
getting an exception on every Notification thereafter.  What's the 
mechanic for ejecting the broken listener?

> Sorry if I am way out of path here, just wanted to throw in my 0.02 EUR.

	I think you have in inflated sense of your own importance -- 0.02 
Euros is like 3 cents and that's 50% more than any else's ideas are worth!  
Alright, well, maybe not quite.  :)


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