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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: Deployment / Partnership / JSR-88
Date Sat, 22 Nov 2003 19:50:16 GMT
	Right now the Geronimo JSR-88 implementation is "partial".  There
are DConfigBeans available (mainly for EJB JAR modules, but a couple for
web app modules too), and they should do the right thing, but the other
modules types and the actions (distribute, start, etc.) are by and large
not really implemented.  Among other things, we have not worked out the
packaging necessary to get all the classes together for the network

	If you want to start fooling around with the DConfigBeans, you can
build the "core" module of Geronimo and take the jsr88-geronimo-plugin.jar
file from the modules/core/target/ directory, and you'll need Log4J too.  
Then use the URL "deployer:geronimo:" for disconnected mode, or
"deployer:geronimo://hostname" for connected mode (assuming you have a
Geronimo server running).

	If you want to talk about the JSR-88 spec or exchange
implementation ideas, you're welcome to do so here, and I'll help you out
however I can (I was on the JSR-88 expert group).


On Sat, 22 Nov 2003, Markus Karg wrote:
> Hi Geronimo Developers,
> this is my first email on this mailing list, so first let me introduce myself.
> My name is Markus Karg, I'm from Germany, and I've been working as a Software 
> Architect for several years now. My main objective is Web and Java Standards. 
> Most of my time I spend with J2SE and J2EE. In my spare time, as an active 
> and member, I am a contributor of knowledge and code to 
> the JOnAS and Ishmael projects of ObjectWeb. In addition I am the maintainer 
> of the German JOnAS documentation. Finally I'm leading several Java related 
> Open Source projects hosted on SourceForge. For more information kindly visit 
> and and do a search for markus-karg.
> I am writing this posting, because I am the leader of the project "J2EE 
> Deployment Toolset" on SourceForge 
> ( This project's aim is to provide 
> an vendor-independent, open source implementation of JSR-88 (J2EE Deployment 
> API, compliant deployment tools for 
> J2EE. Our slogan is: "We want to be the I*****lShield of the J2EE platform". 
> Since August 2003 we released several Alphas of a "Deployment Wizard" which 
> is able to work together with any JSR-88 compliant driver, and we are just 
> working on the final release (plus betas of some more JSR-88 compliant 
> tools).
> Since at the moment the number of such drivers is very limited, but we need to 
> proof the interoperability of our toolset with _ANY_ JSR-88 compliant driver, 
> we are actively seeking (possible) driver vendors to run interoperability 
> tests. Also we'd like to exchange knowledge on how to best implemenent 
> JSR-88.
> Our source is GPL'ed, so if you want, you can freely take a look into the way 
> we implemented DDBeans and so on (any feedback welcome).
> Would be great if the "deployment group" of the Germonimo Project would like 
> to exchange knowledge with us, and if there would be interest in trying out 
> our toolset on the Geronimo JSR-88 driver.
> Also we are interested in publishin a "How To" for running our tools with the 
> Geronimo driver.
> Just contact me on and let's stay in touch! 
> :-)
> Have Fun
> Markus

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