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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: Status of JMS
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2003 22:06:53 GMT
This one time, at band camp, James Strachan said:

JS>On 4 Nov 2003, at 17:08, Bruce Snyder wrote:
JS>> This one time, at band camp, James Strachan said:
JS>> JS>On 4 Nov 2003, at 16:22, Noel J. Bergman wrote:
JS>> JS>>> I'd rather explore JMX, I've been looking at JBOSS 4 and its JMX
JS>> JS>>> architecture seems to describe what I'd like to see James have.
JS>> JS>>
JS>> JS>> JMX and JMS don't serve the same purposes.  JMS *might* (and I 
JS>> stress
JS>> JS>> that
JS>> JS>> it is only a possibility, and not one that I'm overly convinced 
JS>> about)
JS>> JS>> provide a spool implementation.
JS>> JS>>
JS>> JS>>> I'm certainly not convinced that JMS is really the best 
JS>> approach. It
JS>> JS>>> would
JS>> JS>>> be sadly ironic if we end up with James performance suffering 
JS>> because
JS>> JS>>> of
JS>> JS>>> JMS queue issues.
JS>> Unless there's a damn good reason for it (and it's entirely possible 
JS>> that
JS>> I'm missing something) I disagree that JMS should be used from intra-VM
JS>> messaging between threads.
JS>I never said that JMS *should* be used for intra-VM messaging between 
JS>threads! :)

I understand, James, and I'm not saying that you did say this. I'm
responding to Noel's mention of Somnifugi. My apologies if I implied this.

JS>> AFAIK, the intent of JMS is inter-VM messaging
JS>> for purposes of decoupling. Please correct me if my understanding
JS>> is wrong.
JS>Absolutely. This thread started with Noel saying he wanted to use JMS - 
JS>with the assumption being that distribution was involved. If all you 
JS>need is an in-JVM queue then use a Vector :)


JS>> JMX is another issue entirely. JMX is for managability of components. 
JS>> It's
JS>> got nothing to do with messaging.
JS>Though there's now a remoting part to JMX. So you could use JMS 
JS>underneath the covers of JMX remoting - just to muddy the waters some 
JS>more :).

I really know nothing about the remoting capabilities yet. 

JS>> JGroups is out of the question for Geronimo because of license. It's 
JS>There's a BSD abstraction wrapper being developed right now, so soon 
JS>we'll be able to use JGroups

Interesting. So how do you know what this is besides 'Clustering for
Java?' I notice that Bela Ban is involved. I'll have to speak with him
to get more details.

Did you notice that it falls beneaths Sun's incubator? ;-)

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