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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Universal Geronimo Service Repository
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2003 06:14:02 GMT
> I've read the bulk of the archives for the repository list and I'm ready
> conclude that the work I'm envisioning doesn't lie within its scope.

The repository group will not develop tools.  The repository group is under
the infrastructure team, and is not part of a PMC.  The repository group is
specifying the URI space, and some work related to ensuring that meta-data
is available for tools.  The meta-data content and the tools will be
elsewhere, although I think it reasonable to use the list for a discussion
of common repository elements.

> I'm under the impression that Geronimo's UI needs are very
> specific and custom to our project

But you will want your artifacts and meta-data to fit into the structure
being established for the repository, and so you should be aware of those
discussions, especially if you see any conflict between your plans and

> There will hopefully be private, corporate entities and independently
> managed Open Source projects who want to publish J2EE services that
> plug into Geronimo, or even services that lie outside of the spec &
> standards but who have been able to attract users anyway (like hibernate).
> They'll not be keeping their artifacts in the ASF repository : )

Agreed, although hopefully the ASF repository structure will be suitable for
replicating in other domains.

> Thanks for the heads-up about the repository, Noel.  I'll keep up with it
> see if there's any way I can help once things crystallize a bit more.


	--- Noel

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