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From "Jesse Beaumont" <>
Subject RE: use of assert
Date Sat, 15 Nov 2003 19:53:49 GMT
That sounds fine.  Clover is happy as long as you disable asserts during
the compilation it will not consider assert lines in its coverage


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From: Jeremy Boynes [] 
Sent: 15 November 2003 16:36
Subject: use of assert

Jesse Beaumont wrote:

> One other point about the use of assert.  Has it been assumed that all
> code and tests will be executed with assertion checking enabled?  It
> becomes very difficult to write tests for assertions unless we assume
> that because turning assertion checking off will cause assertion based
> tests to fail.  For the time being I have just left out tests for the
> assertions which in theory is fine except that the clover report does
> not show as complete because of it.

The Sun view on assertions can be found here:

The assumption I am using is that assertions will be enabled by default 
for all development and beta releases, and disabled in a production 
release.  As a result they should be used for additional verification 
during development, but the code should assume that they will be

Hopefully this will make clover happy.


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