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From "Andreas Schaefer" <>
Subject RE: Commitment to resolve this matter with JBoss
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 01:34:02 GMT
Maybe former JBoss contributors should write an open letter to the JBoss
Group LLC complaining about the issue that "JBoss Group LLC is the
provider of the JBoss project".


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From: Greg Wilkins [] 
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2003 5:29 PM
Subject: Re: Commitment to resolve this matter with JBoss

n. alex rupp wrote:
> There's been buzz for months
> about JBoss' concerns over the potential abuse of their property.

Just a clarification on this....

"JBoss" is not an entity that can have any IP rights

As for as I know, JBoss Group LLC does not own any rights at all
in JBoss the project.  The IP rights are held by the large number
of individual contributors to the project.

As a JBoss contributor, I actually take some offence at the way that
JBoss Group LLC have described themselves as the "provider" of JBoss
the software  project.   While they may provide gainful employment
to some of the contributors to JBoss - they certainly have not done
so for many of the contributors to the project.

So we should be very careful avoid repeating false assertions or
presumptions that JBoss Group LLC have any specific rights, ownership
or monopoly over the JBoss project.   JBoss Group LLC license
the privately owned JBoss trademarc, but that does not convey any
rights over the IP of project itself.

However, regardless of  JBoss Group LLC legal standing in this matter,
we should welcome notifications of possible license violations from any
source.  But I would have preferred the letter to be on behalf of the
individual project maintainers and not from JBoss Group LLC.



* Greg Wilkins
* Partner
* Core Developers Network

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