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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: Universal Geronimo Service Repository
Date Sun, 16 Nov 2003 02:30:08 GMT

On 15 Nov 2003, at 16:43, Noel J. Bergman wrote:

>> We need to certify a build of Geronimo - so Geronimo will be 
>> synonymous
>> with a J2EE certified distribution. However there's no reason why we
>> can't have a configuration tool that ships as a standard part of the
>> Geronimo distribution where folks can plug and play any J2EE service -
>> which just creates a new configuration of services for Geronimo.
> I don't think that we disagree on any of that.  My point is that if 
> Geronimo
> can support more than one:
>   servlet engine
>   EJB container
>   Transaction Manager
>   JMS Provider
>   etc.
> then I believe that we need to certify at least one combination, and 
> that
> any combination that we do not certify AS A COMBINATION is not 
> certified.
> Is your understanding of the certification process different?

Yes thats right.  Going forward we've gotta be quite careful of what is 
said publicly about the certification process due to NDAs and the like. 
  A lot of the details of this will have to stay private on the 
certification team mail list. (Which reminds me, we need to setup a 
certification team & a private, certification-only team mail list soon)

But yes, we can certainly certify different combinations of different 
things (platforms, JVMs, databases, servlet engines etc). Combinations 
of things which we don't certify are not certified.


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