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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: FYI, Specs from BEA + IBM
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 16:44:14 GMT
Thanks for that Charlton.  I guess you've spotted that I've never 
gotten around to reading the JCA spec yet :). Damn I'm found out - I 
was doing so well bluffing away, talking out of my ass... :)

On 26 Nov 2003, at 15:48, Charlton Barreto wrote:

> In fact, the Work Manager indeed has been standardized - in JSR-112 
> (Connectors 1.5). In addition, the enhanced Timer mechanism they are 
> proposing is being standardized in J2SE 1.5. Service Data Objects are 
> nice, but then we already have well-documented patterns for this (e.g. 
>  Data Access Objects) and tools that facilitate them.
> It appears BEA and IBM weren't happy with what was produced in JSR-112 
> or J2SE 1.4 even though they had expert group representatives the 
> entire time (during the two years the specs were being developed - 
> i.e. they had plenty of time and resources to explore the implications 
> and express their thoughts early on) and are off developing a parallel 
> effort to suit their respective needs and architectures. From what I 
> know of their architectures, it won't be exactly easy for them to 
> implement JSR-112 work management or use J2SE 1.4 timers, although it 
> wasn't difficult at all for JBoss or anyone else and I can't imagine 
> it being particularly difficult for Geronimo.
> I'd definitely watch this space in the future to see what BEA and IBM 
> come up with, esp. in the Work Manager and Timer spaces. My feel is 
> that they are proposing this not so much for the end of producing 
> actual specs, but to voice their protest at not being able to get what 
> they wanted in Connectors 1.5 or J2SE 1.4. I wouldn't be too certain 
> that these parallel specs would be considered for J2EE.
> James Strachan wrote:
>> FWIW I like the look of IBM's WorkManager beans and timers for 
>> asynchronous processing of stuff. There was some interesting stuff 
>> about it on this blog...
>> I was just thinking the other day how its a shame this stuff isn't a 
>> J2EE standard. This stuff might also help us do async deployment 
>> stuff etc?
>> On 25 Nov 2003, at 22:10, Aaron Mulder wrote:
>>>     Apaprently BEA and IBM have pulled together some extensions for
>>> J2EE app servers which they intend to implement and propose as JSRs.
>>> Probably worth keeping in the back of our mind.
>>>     Particularly:
>>> "The three technical specifications are these: Service Data Objects, 
>>> which
>>> provides a common way to pull data from multiple data sources, such 
>>> as
>>> Extensible Markup Language-based file systems and relational 
>>> databases;
>>> Timer for Application Servers, a mechanism for scheduling processing 
>>> jobs;
>>> and Work Manager for Application Servers, for setting up processing 
>>> tasks
>>> in parallel."
>>> Aaron
>> James
>> -------


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