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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: DeploymentPlanner - Base class
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2003 18:28:31 GMT
On Tuesday, November 4, 2003, at 09:53 AM, Aaron Mulder wrote:

> On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Dain Sundstrom wrote:
>> That is what I thought.  We can easily find all deployments with an
>> ObjectName pattern query.
>> ...
>> That won't work.  Dependencies are static and so are notification
>> listeners, so when every you changed states you would have to
>> reestablish all dependencies and any listener would have to 
>> reregister.
> 	Well, most of the JSR-88 methods want to get a list of modules in
> a particular state (running, stopped, etc.).  Do you think it's worth
> using an ObjectName query and then individually querying every module 
> for
> its state as opposed to trying to maintain a indexed list of every 
> module
> with its state and type?

It depends on how often it happens.  My guess is the deployment stuff 
will not be heavily used (non-critical path) so it doesn't matter if it 
is a bit inefficient.  The safest and simplest method is the query and 
poll approach, but if it proves to be too slow, we can keep an indexed 
list by watching for registration and state change events.  I prefer 
these solutions to avoid having to be plumbed into every deployment 
planner and to avoid missing deployments that did not use a planner.


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