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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: Commitment to resolve this matter with JBoss
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2003 19:59:53 GMT

On Nov 11, 2003, at 2:36 PM, n. alex rupp wrote:
> Some of their examples (like Alan C's post describing how he took code 
> from Elba
> for use in his JAAS implementation) should raise some eyebrows.  But 
> the real
> question remains--is this what he ended up doing, and who owned the 
> copyright
> authority for the files he claims to have taken from Elba?  Was it one 
> of the
> commiters here?  If so, there's no foul play afoot because it's their 
> property
> and they've made their wishes with regards to that property well 
> known.  If it
> wasn't their property, if they developed a derivative of someone 
> else's property
> under terms of a license, then they must continue to abide by the 
> terms of that
> license.

There is the growing thought that the existence of Elba, especially
how it is self-described (yes, that description is out-of-date,
but nonetheless), is more harmful to Geronimo than helpful

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