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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: ObjectWeb and Geronimo communication
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 23:47:11 GMT
Just for other geronimo folks who couldn't make the BOF at ApacheCon 
(shame! it was great, as is the conference as a whole!) I'd just like 
to mention that we might wanna look at JORAM as a JMS implementation 
for Geronimo.

Right now JORAM is LGPL so the ASF wouldn't be able to distribute it as 
a part of Geronimo - or to certify it - though there is a chance the 
LGPL could be changed to BSD- Jean-Pierre said he's gonna try change it 
if we're interested.

It'd be nice if someone in the geronimo community could take a look at 
integrating JORAM into Geronimo (I here the JCA connectors are looking 
good) then we could try out Geronimo with a full 1.1 JMS provider. (We 
should do the same with openjms when it reaches 1.1 as well).

On 18 Nov 2003, at 14:29, David Blevins wrote:

> The ObjectWeb/Geronimo BoF went great.  Both sides are very excited to 
> be working together. After the meeting, we went to the bar and chatted 
> for several hours more.  It was great to see the Geronimo team huddled 
> around David Egolf of JOTM while he talked about the intricacies of 
> heavy transactional systems he's created on the mainframe.  The 
> discussion got so engaging, we had to create a "talking stick' to keep 
> people from talking over one another.
> The result of the BoF was that JOTM will be switched from LGPL to 
> BSD-style so that there is nothing keeping us from fully 
> collaborating.  Both sides are very committed.
> It's amazing what can happen when experts unite, regardless of project 
> affiliation.  This is the true spirit of open source, not lawyers.
> In an effort to keep the ball rolling, I've compiled an initial list 
> of the ObjectWeb and Geronimo crews -- will also be posting it to the 
> wiki.  I encourage as much cross-team communication as possible.
> ObjectWeb Crew
> ===============================================================
> (Jonas/JCA/JOTM manager)
> Trent Shue     (phoenix)
> (Jonas Architects)
> Francois Exertier  (france)
> Gerard Vandome  (france)
> (JCA/Resource Adapters for Jonas Expert)
> Eirc Hardisty (phoenix)
> (JCP Member for JCA)
> Michael Giroux  (phoenix)
> (JOTM)
> David Egolf  
> (PR,Communication,Board)
> Jean-Pierre Laisne  (france)
> Francois Letellier  (france)
> Geronimo Crew
> ===============================================================
> (Name)                 (email)                           (from)
> Aaron Mulder     OpenEJB
> Alan Cabrera               OpenEJB
> Bruce Snyder                Castor JDO
> Dain Sundstrom            JBoss
> David Blevins           OpenEJB
> David Jencks            JBoss
> Gianny Damour      Community
> Geir Magnusson Jr.               Apache
> Greg Wilkins                   Jetty
> Hiram Chirino           JBoss
> James Strachan        Apache
> Jan Bartel                      Jetty
> Jason Dillon            JBoss
> Jeremy Boynes          JBoss
> Jim Jagielski                   Apache
> Jules Golsnell           Jetty
> Richard Monson-Haefel        OpenEJB
> Simone Bordet                mx4j


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