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From Geir Magnusson Jr. <>
Subject Re: JBoss Exhibit C : org.apache.geronimo.common.InvocationType
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 12:40:11 GMT
So then the question seems to be "What is the difference between the  
geronimo version of this and the JBoss version?"

Dain had the right to contribute to Geronimo the code up to (but not  
including) the changes made by Scott or anyone else

Dain's last rev is*checkout*/jboss/jboss/src/main/ 

The latest rev in JBoss is v 1.5, so we need to figure out what  
happened between v1.3, which Dain had the right to contribute to the  
ASF w/o any permission needed from other committers (not the JBoss  
Group, as they don't actually own the code...)

JBoss 1.3 :
     committed by Dain, for which he has the rights to contribute and  
re-license here in Geronimo under the ASL

JBoss v1.3 -> v1.4 :
     a) Switched from using a static int to a final static int as the  
max value for the InvocationType array.  We see the same in the  
Geronimo code. This is common, accepted practice for creating constants  
in Java, and would be suggested by any code inspector (like Idea or  
Eclipse).  In my opinion, Dain should have his hand slapped for not  
doing it this way in the first place.
     b) Switched to a statically allocated array [] rather than an  
ArrayList for holding the invocationType objects.  This change is in  
the Geronimo code.
     c) Changed the signature of the InvocationType from the Dain way  
(new InvocationType("LOCAL", false, true)) that is in Geronimo now, to  
a different way ( new InvocationType("HOME", 2)).  Clearly the Geronimo  
code didn't copy this change.
     d) Removed  two booleans isLocal and isHome, present in the  
Dain-contributed 1.3.  These variables persist in the Geronimo version  
as local and home.  This change was not adopted by Dain for Geronimo.

Jboss v1.4 -> v1.5 :
    Added a new invocation type 'SERVICE_ENDPOINT', which is not present  
in the Geronimo code.  I conclude that any changes between v1.4 and 1.5  
of the JBoss code were not co-opted into the geronimo codebase.

Here's my conclusion.  I would appreciate commentary :


Dain contributed the same code to Geronimo that he contributed to JBoss.

The only difference between his JBoss contributions, for which he has  
complete rights to contribute and relicense elsehwere, is that he  
changed the Geronimo implementation to use an array of rather than an  
ArrayList to hold the InvocationType objects, and a static final int  
'constant' to keep the size of that array rather than a static int  


Geir Magnusson Jr                                   203-247-1713(m)

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