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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: [committers] can you build the website?
Date Sun, 23 Nov 2003 17:13:56 GMT

On 23 Nov 2003, at 16:44, Alan D. Cabrera wrote:

> I've built and uploaded the website to


> with the help of
> *	Noel Bergman
> *	David Blevins
> *	Jeremy Boynes
> *	Matt Kurjanowicz
> Thanks guys!  I found some bugs w/ Maven and have reported them.
> You'll notice that there is no Geronimo logo on the top right.  I've
> left it blank in purpose until we decide what our logo will be.

We could really do with a logo!

> I have to say, I do not see the merit in putting the generated website
> into CVS.

Me neither but those are the current rules. Its meant to make it easier  
to restore the website for all projects if there's a hardware failure.

>  Maybe I am misunderstanding people's intentions.  Anyway, I
> have a job, which runs nightly now, that generates the site.  Would it
> be a good idea to upload the project reports on a nightly basis?

Absolutely! Please do this nightly, then we can start tidying up the  

FWIW the CVS import statement that should work was posted on the  
general@incuabtor recently by Leo Simmons...

maven site
cd target/docs
cvs -z3 -d $ \
  import -m 'Maven-generated site' incubator-site/build/site/$proj \
  maven_site Maven_Generated_$proj_Website_$(date +%Y%m%d)

replace '$proj' with the project name, replace $my_id with your
apache login id, replace $(date +%Y%m%d) with the current date
if you want. See 

for more info. Note: the problem with using import in this way is that
its not easily combined with the use of commit (the above url explains


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