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From "Bordet, Simone" <>
Subject JACC, ACCs and JAAS API Q
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 22:00:49 GMT
Hi Alan and others,

just curious if JACC somehow requires user code (servlet, EJB) to be able to do:

Subject s = Subject.getSubject(AccessController.getContext());

and get the current subject. Or perhaps the whole machinery is only internal to the container

I'm asking this to understand if you guys find out a fast way to associate a Subject with
an ACC without using the JAAS API (i.e. Subject.doAs()), but still have the JAAS API to work
fine (i.e. Subject.getSubject()).

Thanks !


PS: too lazy to read JACC myself; and too lazy to expand the acronyms of the subject :) 
Please indulge.

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