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From Elias Sinderson <>
Subject Re: New Goal -- Milestone Release
Date Sun, 23 Nov 2003 00:10:35 GMT
Personally, I like this idea for a couple reasons. First, it avoids the 
issues and politiks associated with doing an unofficial release while 
the project is still in the incubator. Secondly, it provides a good 
opportunity to work out the mechanics of doing a release, which would 
hopefully smooth out the process when an official release is made.

I'm unsure whether this would have any impact on the number of people 
that will try out the the code - I think most anyone who has an interest 
will be capable of building the project.


David Blevins wrote:
> [...] what if we were to focus on a release _tag_ instead?  We approach everything as
if we doing a release, right up to tagging the repository, publishing the docs, but not including
publishing a binary.  People can check out the tag and build it themselves.  
> We will get less people trying out the code, but many still will.  That allow us to keep
the team focused on delivering something to the community and getting some feedback.  If at
some point in the near future the letter issue is resloved, we can publish the binary.
> Would something like that be good, or is it too release-like in nature?

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