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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Starting writing testcases
Date Sat, 15 Nov 2003 15:41:44 GMT
Jesse Beaumont wrote:

> Hi,
> Siva, Cian and myself are all working in the core module just now.  I
> started with o.a.g.client tests and have now done the first cut (I had
> to leave out o.a.g.client.Launcher for now because I can't figure out
> how to test the main method satisfactorily since it calls System.exit on
> error) so will be submitting that soon.  
> Last I heard Siva was working on o.a.g.xml.deployment and Cian was going
> to start with o.a.g.ejb and work down (correct me if I'm wrong, guys)


Please don't spend too much time on the o.a.g.ejb package right now, 
it's likely to be replaced in the near future.

> Incidentally, questions to one/all of the committers, 
> a) when adding new files do you want a cvs diff (I don't know if cvs
> diff picks up local-only files) or just the files?

cvs diff does not pick up new files. Please just contribute them as is, 
or in a jar archive.

> b) the website (somewhere) states that code should be submitted to the
> mailing list, but looking at jira it looks like people have been posting
> it there, is that the preferred option?  If so the website should
> probably be updated with new instructions.

Opening an issue in Jira is the preferred approach - can someone please 
update the website?

> One other point about the use of assert.  Has it been assumed that all
> code and tests will be executed with assertion checking enabled?  It
> becomes very difficult to write tests for assertions unless we assume
> that because turning assertion checking off will cause assertion based
> tests to fail.  For the time being I have just left out tests for the
> assertions which in theory is fine except that the clover report does
> not show as complete because of it.

This is probably worth another thread right from the start :-)

Thanks, and welcome.


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