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From Elias Sinderson <>
Subject Re: WebDAV service
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 19:03:32 GMT
gianny DAMOUR wrote:

> Jeremy Boynes wrote:
>> I have concerns with Slide, primarily as the last release was Nov 
>> 2001, how active is the project and how stable is it?
> I do not know. Hence this memo. 

There hasn't been much activity on Slide since the main developers fixed 
some issues uncovered during the first WebDAV interoperability event at 
UCSC in the fall of 2001. There are 50 open issues in the Apache bug 
database on Slide, some minor to be sure, but others which are rather 
serious (see below). At this time, Slide is not in compliance with the 
WebDAV specification and as RFC 2518bis continues to be fleshed out, it 
appears that this will become more of an issue.

Aside from the more serious problems included below, there are some 
performance issues that should be addressed before Slide should be 
considered for enterprise type applications. Further, my own experience 
with the Slide client library led me to the conclusion that there are 
some architectural issues that will need to be addressed before they 
will be able to support the full WebDAV protocol suite (DASL, Delta-V, 


Some of the more serious issues are (in no particular order):
* Dropping resources with a space or % in the name
* Improper handling of PROPPATCH method
* Modifying resource properties during COPY / MOVE operations
* The server response code when creating lock-null resources is incorrect
* HashMapObjectCache grows beyond its maxSize
* getContentLength() returns the wrong value
* does not release HTTP connections, affecting 
several WebDAV methods (simple fix, but still a problem)
* Relative hrefs are not processed correctly, dropping trailing URL segments
* Inverting parmissions dur COPY / MOVE operations
* Improper acces control granted if a username is the prefix of another 
* listWebdavResources() returns a collection as its own child
* "If-None-Match" is not supported by PUT method, preventing PUT without 

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