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From Guillaume Sauthier <>
Subject Re: JSR 109 implementation for Apache (tool framework)
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 11:46:58 GMT
Srinath Perera wrote:
> Hi Richard;
> > It seems to me ( I could be confused) that Axis already provides the
> > functionality described by your framework.  It can already take a WSDL
> > document and generate interfaces, bindings, and implementation classes.
> Axis support the case for the publishing the java class, but not a EJB.
> If you want to publish EJB and provide other service supported by the
> J2EE container the user has to write lot of manual code.

A provider for EJB exists in Axis! So you can publish an EJB Session
easily. But they are some leaks :
EJB 2.1 API SessionContext define a getMessageContext method that Axis
should set before delegating the method call to the EJB
If you want some security, transactions, ... you have to write customs

> The webservice wrapper class (your part:) ) suppose to have that code
> and take care of converting other service like security ect from
> WebService context to the J2EE contexts.
> > What we want to do (IMO) is generate Axis WSDDs (Web Service Deployment
> > Descriptors) from the standard J2EE 1.4 Web Service deployment descriptors -
> > specifically JAX-RPC Mapping, webservices.xml, and J2EE component
> > descriptors. I think we can do this using TrAX (Java API for XSLT).
> Axis support for the jaxrpc mapping file is minimum (IMO) and axis
> skelton created by WSDL2Java does not do what  WebService wrapper does.
> plus we want to help the case create a WSDL form EJB and jaxrpc-mapping
> file.
> In short addition to what Axis does code genarated from our tool should
> map Context of webservice -> J2EE and save time for developers.
> key defferance between what axis(WSDL2Java) and ws4j2ee does is on the
> WrbServiceWrapper class.
> thanks for comments
> Thanks
> Srinath

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