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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: console design
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 08:39:15 GMT
On 21 Nov 2003, at 07:04, n. alex rupp wrote:
> Jeremy made some great points in here.  The two types of applications 
> are
> sufficiently specialized that they will require their own component 
> structures.
> I'm not concerned at all with thick client UI development and believe 
> we can
> offer more features faster with a thin-client approach, *and* that 
> they'll be of
> higher quality.

I disagree; I hacked together a swing JMX console in about 2 hours (its 
in the explorer module - I should probably rename this to console-swing 
or something now console has been renamed to console-web). It still 
needs to support setting of attributes, method invocations & graphing - 
some nicer layouts of forms would be good too.

I think we should support both.

Also we should try out this eclipse JMX console which looks pretty neat 
to check it works with Geronimo...


>> I'm not really a UI person, but I would like to see us reach a
>> compromise where the console is easy to use for a new or inexperienced
>> user, but offers a way to expose the raw details to the experienced 
>> one.


I experimented at ApacheCon with a scripting console for J2EE - think 
SQL query console, but for EJBs / MBeans / JNDI.  So in a swing UI you 
can perform arbitrary queries & navigations around Ejbs like you would 
with an SQL query tool, but talking to the EJB tier rather than SQL 
tier. e.g. so you could type things like

customers = 
context.lookup("/client/test/CustomerBeanHome").findAllGoldCustomers() { it.orders.product }

To return all the products ordered by your gold customers (for example).

I'd like to integrate this into the swing console. There's no reason 
why we can't add this kind of feature into the web console too for 
advanced users.


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