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From Charlton Barreto <>
Subject Re: FYI, Specs from BEA + IBM
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2003 02:05:10 GMT
this was something easy to miss given the plethora of specs out 
there.... :-)

i am a bit concerned about this move by BEA and IBM. they really have 
no one to blame but themselves for not being able to adapt the 
Connectors 1.5 spec to accommodate their architectural requirements 
and/or limitations. launching separate specs to address BEA/IBM 
concerns is unnecessary IMHO. i believe their concerns could have been 
accommodated if they did what they should have, and started exploring 
implementation in 2002 when the spec was beginning to 'gel together'.

On Nov 26, 2003, at 08:44, James Strachan wrote:

> Thanks for that Charlton.  I guess you've spotted that I've never 
> gotten around to reading the JCA spec yet :). Damn I'm found out - I 
> was doing so well bluffing away, talking out of my ass... :)
> On 26 Nov 2003, at 15:48, Charlton Barreto wrote:
>> In fact, the Work Manager indeed has been standardized - in JSR-112 
>> (Connectors 1.5). In addition, the enhanced Timer mechanism they are 
>> proposing is being standardized in J2SE 1.5. Service Data Objects are 
>> nice, but then we already have well-documented patterns for this 
>> (e.g.  Data Access Objects) and tools that facilitate them.
>> It appears BEA and IBM weren't happy with what was produced in 
>> JSR-112 or J2SE 1.4 even though they had expert group representatives 
>> the entire time (during the two years the specs were being developed 
>> - i.e. they had plenty of time and resources to explore the 
>> implications and express their thoughts early on) and are off 
>> developing a parallel effort to suit their respective needs and 
>> architectures. From what I know of their architectures, it won't be 
>> exactly easy for them to implement JSR-112 work management or use 
>> J2SE 1.4 timers, although it wasn't difficult at all for JBoss or 
>> anyone else and I can't imagine it being particularly difficult for 
>> Geronimo.
>> I'd definitely watch this space in the future to see what BEA and IBM 
>> come up with, esp. in the Work Manager and Timer spaces. My feel is 
>> that they are proposing this not so much for the end of producing 
>> actual specs, but to voice their protest at not being able to get 
>> what they wanted in Connectors 1.5 or J2SE 1.4. I wouldn't be too 
>> certain that these parallel specs would be considered for J2EE.
>> James Strachan wrote:
>>> FWIW I like the look of IBM's WorkManager beans and timers for 
>>> asynchronous processing of stuff. There was some interesting stuff 
>>> about it on this blog...
>>> I was just thinking the other day how its a shame this stuff isn't a 
>>> J2EE standard. This stuff might also help us do async deployment 
>>> stuff etc?
>>> On 25 Nov 2003, at 22:10, Aaron Mulder wrote:
>>>>     Apaprently BEA and IBM have pulled together some extensions for
>>>> J2EE app servers which they intend to implement and propose as JSRs.
>>>> Probably worth keeping in the back of our mind.
>>>>     Particularly:
>>>> "The three technical specifications are these: Service Data 
>>>> Objects, which
>>>> provides a common way to pull data from multiple data sources, such 
>>>> as
>>>> Extensible Markup Language-based file systems and relational 
>>>> databases;
>>>> Timer for Application Servers, a mechanism for scheduling 
>>>> processing jobs;
>>>> and Work Manager for Application Servers, for setting up processing 
>>>> tasks
>>>> in parallel."
>>>> Aaron
>>> James
>>> -------
> James
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