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From (Matthew David Kurjanowicz)
Subject Re: Maven at wartime
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2003 18:58:46 GMT
Try doing something like:
<preGoal name="war">
  <j:set var="maven.war.src.excludes"
  <j:set var="" scope="parent">value</j:set>
Or, you could put those j:set statements in the <goal
name="default"></goal> tag, so that they happen before executing the goal
"war".  Hope that helps.
-Matt K
mkurjano at
> Hello.  I'm working with maven to try to generate a WAR for the evolving
> geronimo console, and I'm having some difficulty finding my way through
> the config files.  Specifically, I need to depart from the standard war
> task and set some properties but I can't for the life of me figure out
> where those settings should take place.
> The maven.xml file in the console-web module directory contains the
> following:
> <project default="default"
>     xmlns:j="jelly:core"
>     xmlns:u="jelly:util"
>     xmlns:ant="jelly:ant">
>     <goal name="default">
>         <attainGoal name="war"/>
>     </goal>
> </project>
> I'm curious--where do I set properties like "maven.war.src.excludes"?
> Right now everything in src/java gets compiled into a classes directory,
> but I need to generate a .jar for the tag library specific classes.
> I've been reading the war docs at the maven site and I'm at a complete
> loss. The project directory has a file, but it seems
> not to recognize the property when I place it there...
> I'm sorry if this belongs on the maven users list, but I thought I'd
> fish here first because I know you guys ; )  I'm afraid I'm still
> learning the guts of maven.
> --
> N. Alex  Rupp (

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