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From Markus Karg <>
Subject Re: Deployment / Partnership / JSR-88
Date Sun, 23 Nov 2003 09:15:55 GMT

thanks for the answer. I'll do some tests in the next weeks, maybe I'll bother 
you with some questions then... ;-)

There is one question which actually is not essential but I just wanted to 
ask. The JSR-88 spec tells that the deployment manager can be obtained by an 
URL, for an example "deployer:" is mentioned. It is not told that "deployer:" 
is a normative term in that URL. So what benefit do you get from that 
"deployer:" prefix? On the other hand: I know two actual JSR-88 
implementations now (Geronimo, Ishmael). Both use the "deployer:" prefix. So 
who in the expert group had a problem with adding "deployer:" as a normative 

Oh, one more question: Do you know of any other JSR-88 "driver vendors" 
besides Geronimo and Ishmael? I would like to contact them for more "cross 
tests". Rebecca Searls couldn't send me a list... :-)


Am Samstag, 22. November 2003 20:50 schrieb Aaron Mulder:
> Markus,
> 	Right now the Geronimo JSR-88 implementation is "partial".  There
> are DConfigBeans available (mainly for EJB JAR modules, but a couple for
> web app modules too), and they should do the right thing, but the other
> modules types and the actions (distribute, start, etc.) are by and large
> not really implemented.  Among other things, we have not worked out the
> packaging necessary to get all the classes together for the network
> operation.
> 	If you want to start fooling around with the DConfigBeans, you can
> build the "core" module of Geronimo and take the jsr88-geronimo-plugin.jar
> file from the modules/core/target/ directory, and you'll need Log4J too.
> Then use the URL "deployer:geronimo:" for disconnected mode, or
> "deployer:geronimo://hostname" for connected mode (assuming you have a
> Geronimo server running).
> 	If you want to talk about the JSR-88 spec or exchange
> implementation ideas, you're welcome to do so here, and I'll help you out
> however I can (I was on the JSR-88 expert group).
> Aaron
> On Sat, 22 Nov 2003, Markus Karg wrote:
> > Hi Geronimo Developers,
> >
> > this is my first email on this mailing list, so first let me introduce
> > myself.
> >
> > My name is Markus Karg, I'm from Germany, and I've been working as a
> > Software Architect for several years now. My main objective is Web and
> > Java Standards. Most of my time I spend with J2SE and J2EE. In my spare
> > time, as an active and member, I am a contributor
> > of knowledge and code to the JOnAS and Ishmael projects of ObjectWeb. In
> > addition I am the maintainer of the German JOnAS documentation. Finally
> > I'm leading several Java related Open Source projects hosted on
> > SourceForge. For more information kindly visit and
> > and do a search for markus-karg.
> >
> > I am writing this posting, because I am the leader of the project "J2EE
> > Deployment Toolset" on SourceForge
> > ( This project's aim is to
> > provide an vendor-independent, open source implementation of JSR-88 (J2EE
> > Deployment API, compliant
> > deployment tools for J2EE. Our slogan is: "We want to be the
> > I*****lShield of the J2EE platform". Since August 2003 we released
> > several Alphas of a "Deployment Wizard" which is able to work together
> > with any JSR-88 compliant driver, and we are just working on the final
> > release (plus betas of some more JSR-88 compliant tools).
> >
> > Since at the moment the number of such drivers is very limited, but we
> > need to proof the interoperability of our toolset with _ANY_ JSR-88
> > compliant driver, we are actively seeking (possible) driver vendors to
> > run interoperability tests. Also we'd like to exchange knowledge on how
> > to best implemenent JSR-88.
> >
> > Our source is GPL'ed, so if you want, you can freely take a look into the
> > way we implemented DDBeans and so on (any feedback welcome).
> >
> > Would be great if the "deployment group" of the Germonimo Project would
> > like to exchange knowledge with us, and if there would be interest in
> > trying out our toolset on the Geronimo JSR-88 driver.
> >
> > Also we are interested in publishin a "How To" for running our tools with
> > the Geronimo driver.
> >
> > Just contact me on and let's stay in
> > touch!
> >
> > :-)
> >
> > Have Fun
> > Markus

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