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From Mariano Kamp <>
Subject Re: new console-swing team
Date Sat, 22 Nov 2003 19:35:59 GMT
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  I am probably blessed by being a late comer and haven't made any bitter 
experience here before. Not sure if there has been?! Form the sidelines it is 
hard to believe that this discussion is all about the mails from last night?! 

  To me it seems, that the tone of the discussion is way to harsh and the 
actual subject is just a tiny detail which needs to be worked out. I read 
that there is nothing preventing a snapshot from being built. It just needs 
to be done in the right way, read delegating the responsibility for it up the 
chain. If that means to obey to some rules, with the sake of being protected 
from being the subject of an individual litigation that seems to be fair 
enough to me. Actually it sounds like the every day life - being part of 
something bigger means to accomodate. And in case of the ASF I don't have the 
feeling that these are unreasonable burdens as opposed to the real life I 
encounter at my day job. I actually see it the other way around. All the ASF 
cares for is the overhead. I have' nt seen anything saying how one must 
develop the code itself. And that is the beef, isn't it.

  On a sidebar you also get the benefits of a community. Without the rules it 
is just a bunch of boxes running cvs, like sf.  

  I well remember the statements on the list from apache con. How great it is 
to work with brilliant people. That was much more fun to read ;-) I don't see 
that the administrational thing is preventing the brilliance thing.

My two euro cents, 
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