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From David Blevins <>
Subject New Goal -- Milestone Release
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 21:10:15 GMT
In light of our PetStore glory, I think we should try and put together a milestone 1 release
asap.  Yes, many things are not ready or are hacked, but that's what release notes are for.

It was amazing how the PetStore goal united the team and focused our work.  We kicked some
serious tail!  Now that we have accomplised that goal, we need another to keep the energy
going.  A milestone release is perfect in my mind.

I say we take the next few days to get all the code synched up in cvs, then let the cvs stay
cold for a couple days for testing.  I'll hookup with everyone and get some notes on what
they know is working and/or unfinished and a enough details on how to get it to work.  Then
I'll write some initial user docs for the release on the "haves", "have nots", and the basic
"how tos."  That should ensure people's expectations are managed and there is enough information
for the adventurous to have some fun.

If we are as focused as we were with the petstore, we can have a release out by Friday morning.



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