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From Mariano Kamp <>
Subject Re: new console-swing team
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 18:12:59 GMT
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  what about an eclipse-plugin? I am currently working on doing a JSR-77 
client for eclipse (will post something on Sunday). I personally favor to 
have the console integrated in the ide. I do understand though, that eclipse 
is not everybodys choice.


On Friday 21 November 2003 19:11, Matthew David Kurjanowicz wrote:
> Oh oh, pick me! pick me! :)  I really think that this is a good idea, and
> a good alternative (for me developing) to the twiddle comand client.
> There are a few things there that I've been trying to figure out there
> that just aren't working dealing with the twiddle cli - such as keeping
> track of state, etc.  Besides, I have more experience developing swing
> UI's then CLI interfaces.
> I'm willing to lead work on a swing console, and hopefully will be able to
> extend James' code.  I started looking at it last night and it looks
> doable.
> Hoeffenlich geht es gut. (And that's the extent of my memory of HS Deutsch
> :) ).
> -Matt K.
> > Cool, James.  That's great news.  MVC is perfect for thick-client UIs,
> > too : ) Now everyone who wants to scratch that itch can do so (ich habe
> > es genug für mich gekratzt).
> >
> > It sounds like Matt and Ryan are already thinking a lot about this
> > stuff.  Does one (or both) of them want to lead the effort on developing
> > the swing UI?  (I'm sure James will if they won't, and will help them if
> > they run across any issues).  There are probably dozens of people on the
> > list who want to help with the Swing UI, who have a lot of experience
> > with UI design or who know JMX like the back of their hand.  If not,
> > this is a perfect chance for newcomers to get involved (other than
> > writing unit tests) and learn some new skills.
> >
> > Matt and Ryan are both very competent developers and show a lot of
> > initiative for pushing in this direction : )  If it sounded before like
> > I was suggesting that the Geronimo project shouldn't have a swing UI, I
> > apologize--you guys should know that wasn't what I was trying to say
> > (and even if I were, I don't make decisions around here ; )  I never
> > want to close the door on new ideas or new, useful components to plug
> > in.  I think that stuff is great.  I was just trying to convey that I
> > personally specialize in thin client servlet approaches and will stick
> > with them because it's where I operate most efficiently and can make the
> > best use of my time.  I'd probably be more of a hindrance than a benefit
> > to skilled a thick-client UI team.
> >
> > Again, thanks for the help and the great work, James. Best luck to Matt
> > & Ryan on driving the swing effort if they choose to do so.  If they
> > have specific ideas down the line of ways they could reuse pieces of my
> > code and want me to help abstract out bits for their use, I will do
> > whatever I can to help them. --
> > N.
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