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From David Blevins <>
Subject ObjectWeb and Geronimo communication
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 22:29:18 GMT
The ObjectWeb/Geronimo BoF went great.  Both sides are very excited to be working together.
After the meeting, we went to the bar and chatted for several hours more.  It was great to
see the Geronimo team huddled around David Egolf of JOTM while he talked about the intricacies
of heavy transactional systems he's created on the mainframe.  The discussion got so engaging,
we had to create a "talking stick' to keep people from talking over one another. 

The result of the BoF was that JOTM will be switched from LGPL to BSD-style so that there
is nothing keeping us from fully collaborating.  Both sides are very committed.

It's amazing what can happen when experts unite, regardless of project affiliation.  This
is the true spirit of open source, not lawyers.

In an effort to keep the ball rolling, I've compiled an initial list of the ObjectWeb and
Geronimo crews -- will also be posting it to the wiki.  I encourage as much cross-team communication
as possible.

ObjectWeb Crew
(Jonas/JCA/JOTM manager)
Trent Shue     (phoenix)

(Jonas Architects)
Francois Exertier  (france)
Gerard Vandome  (france)

(JCA/Resource Adapters for Jonas Expert)
Eirc Hardisty (phoenix)

(JCP Member for JCA)   
Michael Giroux  (phoenix)

David Egolf  

Jean-Pierre Laisne  (france)
Francois Letellier  (france)

Geronimo Crew
(Name)                 (email)                           (from)
Aaron Mulder     OpenEJB
Alan Cabrera               OpenEJB
Bruce Snyder                Castor JDO
Dain Sundstrom            JBoss
David Blevins           OpenEJB
David Jencks            JBoss
Gianny Damour      Community
Geir Magnusson Jr.               Apache
Greg Wilkins                   Jetty
Hiram Chirino           JBoss
James Strachan        Apache
Jan Bartel                      Jetty
Jason Dillon            JBoss
Jeremy Boynes          JBoss
Jim Jagielski                   Apache
Jules Golsnell           Jetty
Richard Monson-Haefel        OpenEJB
Simone Bordet                mx4j

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