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From Mujibur Rahman Shaik <>
Subject Test Case Templete
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 04:22:49 GMT
 Is there any unit test case templete available?. I gone through the test cases code available
inthe cvs. None of the test cases (which i saw) are not having any java doc tags(it might
be simple or complex test cases). It would be better to define a test case templete and all
of us follow the same to write the test cases. It will ease our lifes in future. 
For example:
     * @testcase <unique_testcase_id>
     * @testarea <short_description_of_testcase>
     * @testdesc <long_description_of_testcase>
     * @testverification <criteria_to_determine_success_or_failure>
  public void testSomeThing(){
  These java doc comments are very useful for making test documents (converted into spreadsheet
by tool) and can be easily verifiable by others with out seeing the code. And these are very
useful for the developers when some thing goes wrong. 


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