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From James Richards <>
Subject RE: A Letter from JBoss's lawyers
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2003 09:15:07 GMT

Sorry for the late entry on this topic but I was
reading the whole thread and cogitating a bit...

The preceding link is somewhat tangental to the entire
letter discussion, but I found it relevant enough to
raise a particular observation:

The use of PostNuke code as inspiration is really the
gist of the article.  The developers liked PostNuke
but it didn't scale so they made it scale in a
language/architecture they knew well.  The open source
world benefited from a new Java CMS.  The developers
produced working code that embodied the ideas of
PostNuke in an alternate, logically similar
implementation.  To me, that is the spirit of open

PostNuke is therefore interesting as it is a concrete
example where the wholesale transfer of code (albeit
through the mechanism of porting from one language to
another) is quite acceptable to JBoss Group. 

This example makes me wonder how tangled the web of
legal letters can become.  If the Geronimo project
decides to implement a CMS (simply because a CMS is an
application which is relevant to and useful in the
creation of web applications) and if features in the
open source, widely distributed PostNuke code seem to
represent a "best of breed" approach which the
Geronimo project would like to adopt...would
developers have to jump through hoops to avoid
possible similarities to the existing JBoss
implementation?  An implementation which, by the
wording of its own author, is "blindly copied" in

I have used JBoss successfully on projects and I think
that they have achieved a great deal, but the log4j
examples cited in the letter made me feel that this
question should be raised as it may have bearing on
future features/sub-projects.  Particularly, it is
clear that the log4j examples are quite well
distributed and "open source" yet have been used as
part of a legal overture.  



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