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From Eric Bruneton <>
Subject ASM license changed
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 08:50:38 GMT
the ASM license has been changed from LGPL to BSD


James Strachan wrote:
>Agreed - great news!
>I've been using ASM a lot lately (on Groovy 
>and it rocks for generating bytecode dynamically. We can definitely use 
>ASM for any bytecode generation stuff we need.
>On Monday, October 6, 2003, at 11:01 pm, Jan Bartel wrote:
>>Great news! I use JOTM for JettyPlus's transaction manager, so I'm very 
>>pleased to see it will be available for Geronimo too.
>>At least initially, we should be able to work with JOTM as a 3rd party 
>>jar served from ibiblio, and create a Geronimo environment where the 
>>actual transaction manager is a pluggable component.
>>Jean-Bernard Stefani wrote:
>>>Dear Brian and Greg,
>>>We (ObjectWeb) owe you a response on possible changes of licenses for
>>>ObjectWeb components, to further the possibility for collaboration between
>>>Apache and ObjectWeb.
>>>I am happy to report that both the ObjectWeb Board and the ObjectWeb
>>>College of Architects have agreed that, for ObjectWeb components that are
>>>to be developed collaboratively with the Apache Software Foundation, a
>>>change of license from LGPL to BSD is encouraged.
>>>Ultimately, of course, the final responsibility for effecting such a change
>>>lies with the copyright holders of the source code under consideration.
>>>For the two cases at hand, namely the JOTM transaction engine and the ASM
>>>bytecode manipulator, I am happy to report that the respective copyright
>>>holders are ready to make this change, should the ASF require it.
>>>As we discussed in previous messages, I believe such a policy meets the
>>>requirements of the ASF for incorporating ObjectWeb components in its code
>>>Best regards,

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