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From Srinath Perera <>
Subject Re: JSR 109 implementation for Apache (tool framework)
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 12:01:48 GMT

Hi Guillaume;Richard;

> > It seems to me ( I could be confused) that Axis already provides the
> > > functionality described by your framework.  It can already take a WSDL
> > > document and generate interfaces, bindings, and implementation classes.
> > 
> > Axis support the case for the publishing the java class, but not a EJB.
> > If you want to publish EJB and provide other service supported by the
> > J2EE container the user has to write lot of manual code.
> A provider for EJB exists in Axis! So you can publish an EJB Session
> easily. But they are some leaks :
> EJB 2.1 API SessionContext define a getMessageContext method that Axis
> should set before delegating the method call to the EJB
> If you want some security, transactions, ... you have to write customs
> handlers.

yes Actually before the starting JSR109 impl I did go to axis mailing
lists with the isuue's JSR109 vs EJB provider. 
If I am remember correct if you use ejb provider there is issue of
genarating the WSDL as well.

In short to use EJBProvider (IMO)it ask for fluency in the WebSerivce's
as well as J2EE. how the Context of WebService  map to Context of J2EE
is lot of work all the time. 

Plus if we use that we are bound by the JAX-RPC mapping file limitation
of axis. Actually we can enhanced EJB provider but it will bind the
JSR109 impl to the Axis (IMO) too tightly.

thanks for comments



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