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From Srinath Perera <>
Subject Re: JSR 109 MessageContext import
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 03:02:14 GMT
Hi Jeremy/All
> IIRC the current 109 architecture plans to invoke EJBs using their normal
> remote interface.
> However, the invocation in Geronimo needs to attach a MessageContext with
> the invocation and notify the EJB container that this is a web-service
> invocation rather than an component interface invocation (so that the
> appropriate SessionContext methods can be enabled).
the JSR109 spec says that the J2EE componet we expose  through the JSR
109 should not have any state exist over two invocations. (thay ask to
use stateless session Bean then Container can use any instance of web
service impl EJB to support the service.)

do we abide by this, or we support states as well? If that is the case
our wrapper web service need accsess to the MessageContext (how to give
accsess has adressed bit under security part of the archi doc at wiki) 
> This seems to imply that a different invocation API is needed from the
> normal remote interface implementation.
we may need to set API, but I think we should support remote interface
option as well so JSR109Impl used independent of Container.

>  There may be a way to hack it in
> using the client-side interceptor stack, but given this is required
> functionality we should have a cleaner approach.
sorry I not sure what is client-side interceptor stack is. We discuss
more about this. Looking foward to your comments. 
> --
> Jeremy

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