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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject A Letter from JBoss's lawyers
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2003 14:20:41 GMT
The ASF rec'd a letter from JBoss's lawyers regarding Geronimo
and the similarity of code between Geronimo and JBoss. They
cite a few "examples" but mention that:

    1. That it strongly appears that code was
       simply copied over
    2. That we are violating (L)GPL.

I would like to place a copy of the letter on the Geronimo
site, but need some direction on doing that... Except
for HTTP releases and some minor things, I don't touch the
website build system.

In any case, this a CALL for ALL Geronimo developers
to ensure that any code is not copied from JBoss.
Recall, also, that if someone is the original
author of the code and donated that code to JBoss,
they can *still* donate the original code to the
ASF (unless they signed some sort of exclusivity
agreement). Original authors maintain ownership.

I'm attaching the PDF. When people reply, PLEASE
be sure to strip out the attachment!!

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