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From "Gary Feldman" <>
Subject Another where to start?
Date Sun, 09 Nov 2003 11:44:42 GMT
I hope to get into the testing aspect soon, but right now I'm trying to
navigate the documentation.  It appears someone fleshed out the page on the
incubator site within the last week or two, and that's good.

What I'd like to do, before diving into learning the project and getting to
the point of being able to run tests, is to clean up the online docs.  I
believe this means:

1.  Finish the migration from the old wiki to the new.
       1a.  Basically copy with formatting changes but no editorial changes.

2.  Put up a new front page on the old wiki that basically says "This is
obsolete - go here."
       2a.  My initial inclination is to just create an OriginalFrontPage,
containing the current contents of the current frontpage on the old wiki,
and have the new front page have just two links:  Here's the real wiki;
here's the wiki that used to be at this site.  The other obvious alternative
is just to delete everything on the old site except for a pointer to the new
wiki, but that goes against my instincts.

3. Make a real "start here" section.  The current InterestingStartingPoints
is generic wiki stuff.  I could probably throw together a very superficial
"start here" section, which would at least be a beginning.

Does this make sense?

In the way of background, I'm actually a strong C/C++ developer, with an
emphasis on process and quality (including test systems).  I know Java as a
language, but my professional Java work is limited to writing one JNI
interface and the JSPs to test it.  Having recently been hit by the layoff
bug, I view this as an opportunity to boostrap myself on J2EE until
something more economically viable comes along.



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