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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <>
Subject Update : CVS has been taken offline
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2003 23:13:37 GMT
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During the ongoing examination of the Geronimo codebase, a discrepancy 
was found between the on-disk CVS ",v" file, and the CVS history of 
that file.

This has happened before in other codebases in Apache during careful 
review, so it is not yet considered a cause for alarm.  However, we had 
to take the CVS offline immediately during the investigation as the ASF 
does take the issue of accountability for our codebases seriously.

This kind of discrepancy can be caused by

a) bugs in the CVS system - quitting a commit at the wrong time
b) well-intentioned modification of a ,v file
c) removal and replacement of a ,v file (if you screwed up an import, 
for example)
d) modification of ,v file for mal-intentioned reasons

Doing d) is really stupid, because we keep track of every commit, so 
this can be detected.

In Geronimo's case, c) is possible because I think I personally fouled 
up the initial import of the code last summer, and it may have been 
fixed by wiping out the ,v and reimporting.  I don't yet know which 
file(s) were affected or else I could verify or eliminate this as a 

If there are any committers that can recall either  failed or 'strange' 
commits or manual modifications to ,v files - for any reason, good or 
bad - please do the right thing and come forward either privately to me 
or on this list.  You will save lots of time for lots of people that 
were otherwise trying to enjoy ApacheCon.


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