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From "n. alex rupp" <>
Subject Re: new console-swing team
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 20:12:18 GMT
Al, we actually do share the same model--JMX : )

It's the custom addons to JMX to prettify the output that 
might not transfer too well between apps ; )

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From: "Allen Fogleson" <>
To: <>; <>
Sent: Friday, November 21, 2003 2:12 PM
Subject: RE: new console-swing team

I have done a fair amount of swing development - although I suspect as
most here I have done much more work on thin clients, and the
model/controller side of things. 

I really wouldn't be a big fan of an swt stand-alone app (although I
admit to its better look and feel) As someone else pointed out the
supported OS' are limited for swt. 

I would disagree that the model cannot be shared with the apps. A
properly designed model should easily be shareable. Isn't that the idea
behind separation of concerns :)


>>Just one more thing regarding the discussion on sharing model code
>>clients. I am bit sceptic about sharing code between the web-console
and a 
>>standalone-client, but I can imagine that it would be much easier to
do so 
>>with a swing and an eclipse app.

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