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From "n. alex rupp" <>
Subject Re: Demo at ApacheCon
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2003 18:22:36 GMT
We've spoken in the past about creating a UI for deployment descriptors.  I'd
like this process to be simplified through the management console.  Perhaps we
could build a configurator service that generates a deployment descriptor based
on certain assumptions defined by the vendor and then allows the user to make
alterations to it.  If we built it right and plugged it into a nice front-end
UI, it could ease a lot of the pain in this area for new users.

I hear from almost everyone I talk to that the configuration complexity is the
largest hurdle for newcomers to J2EE.  I'd like to address that problem.

Another nice thing about this approach is that we could keep standard J2EE  DDs
in the deployment unit (jar/war/ear) and then keep the container-specific
extensions to that DD in another location, potentially outside the deployment
unit.  With a unified front-end tool for configuring the application, the user
wouldn't have to jump through so many hoops during migration.  The configurator
service could allow plugins for proprietary/container-specific deployment
descriptor extensions, and the front-end could just pick them up on the fly.
The end goal is that users should be able to drop in a different EJB container
(if one exists which can plug into the geronimo core) and the configurator
service (and thus the config tools in the management console) would autogenerate
new deployment information tailored to the needs of the new container.  The user
could customize that deployment information for their exceptional circumstances
or could leave it to the defaults.

N. Alex Rupp (

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From: "Jeremy Boynes" <>
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Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2003 11:59 AM
Subject: Re: Demo at ApacheCon

> The most painful chunk is the deployment descriptors for the application
> itself, especially the CMP entities - we are using an 'advanced' CMP
> engine, 'advanced' in that you get complete control of the SQL executed
> and that means there is a lot of XML to configure :-)

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