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From "Siva" <>
Subject Re: [JBOSS] Plan of action
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2003 15:03:18 GMT
Bill Burke of Jboss says in TSS as

"So the question remains, what constitutes a derivative work?

All and all, I strongly stand by our decision to request the ASF to research
copyright and LGPL infringements. Base on similar code, coding structure,
files with exact names, comments in JBoss CVS(all this with only 2 hours of
research on my part), emails on the Geronimo mailing list stating Geronimo
developers are merging JBoss code, and the unclear purpose of the Elba
project, we are perfectly in our rights to question the Geronimo project. We
tried to question ASF privately, through private channels, but unfortunately
this has been brought to the public eye. We are not suing ASF, merely just
officially voicing our

As Geir sais,all of us need to verify on the above points.Let's not give a
chance for one more legal letter.
BTW,Is there any automated way of doing this file name comparison?Can simian
be used to compare
the 2 codebases?

last but not least,Bill Burke also said :)

*Just wanted to add that I personally thank the ASF for taking our concerns
very seriously and looking into this issue.*

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