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From "gianny DAMOUR" <>
Subject Re: build help
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2003 02:55:04 GMT

Raghu  Mathukumalli wrote:
>i have attached a copy of the error.
>The process is just hanging indefinitely and not terminating.
>I am unable to understand the problem and the build was not successful.
I do not have an answer to your problem. However, here are some suggestions:

1) debug the TestCase org.apache.geronimo.remoting.RemotingInterceptorsTest 
in order to identify the exact line where the execution hangs; or
2) skip the test execution of RemotingInterceptorsTest and 
MarshalingInterceptorsTest. For instance, you can append a suffix distinct 
of "Test", e.g. RemotingInterceptorsTestSkipped.

1) is better than 2).


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