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From "gianny DAMOUR" <>
Subject RE: JSR77 -> JSR88
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 12:42:33 GMT
Bordet, Simone wrote:
>I know I lack a lot of information, but there is no possibility to use JMX 
>Notifications ?
Yes and this is what I was calling a "standard" monitoring infrastructure 
(there is no xMonitor classes in this infrastructure, so the name is 
certainly not really wise).

By now, a notification is broadcasted for each JSR77 state transition. So, 
ApplicationDeployer could add itself as a notification listener of J2EE 
modules and track their states.

However, I've got the feeling that if one goes in this direction, one ends 
up with two repositories: one maintained by a MBeansServer and one 
maintained by ApplicationDeployer. Hence this idea of sharing the 
repositories. It seems that G will use extensively the ClassLoaderRepository 
of MBeanServers so, perhaps that one could also share the MBean 


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