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From "gianny DAMOUR" <>
Subject ClassSpace - parent CL
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2003 15:19:35 GMT

I was just trying to solve the problem of Matt Kurjanowicz, which seems to 
be a weird CL problem and during my investigations I have discovered three 

- the Eclipse set-up I use to simulate a running server is simply flawed 
- the Resource Adapter Deployer I have submitted does not work, when 
deployed within a running instance launched via maven run:main (grrrrr...); 
- the parent CL of a ClassSpace is the TCCL if defined or the CL of the 
ClassSpace class.

Regarding this last point, I really find it weird for the following reason:

If one creates a ClassSpace for a deployment unit, say a resource adapter, 
and if I want to define a specific parent for such a ClassSpace, I will need 
to set the TCCL. However, because this TCCL is outside our control between 
the moment this TCCL is set and the actual creation of my ClassSpace (other 
deployment planners could wish to set their own TCCL), it is impossible to 
know for sure which CL will be the parent of the deployment unit ClassSpace.

So, I would like to know if one can add to ClassSpaceMetadata an attribute 
referencing the name of the parent ClassSpace of the ClassSpace to be 
created via this ClassSpaceMetadata. This way, a deployment unit could 
explicitely defines its direct CL and the parent of this CL.

I have applied this fix and it solved my resource adapter deployer problem. 
More accurately, the parent CL of the ClassSpace containing the resource 
adapter archives is the geronimo.system:role=ClassSpace,name=System 
ClassSpace (defined during the boot).


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