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From "gianny DAMOUR" <>
Subject Re: Review of refactored deployment classes
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2003 05:04:55 GMT
Hello Jan,
>In this call:
>List postTasks = getJ2EEModulePlan(dmdMetaData,
>                                    dMetaData,
>                                    dHelper,
>                                    childMBeans);
>why do we need 2 types of meta data passed in? Won't just the 
>DeploymentMetaData instance suffice?
You are right. There was a reason for this strange call: during the 
registration of an MBean via RegisterMBeanInstance, the MBean can change its 
name during the preRegister call. It means that the ObjectName provided to 
RegisterMBeanInstance may or may not be the name used during the actual 
registration. CreateMBeanInstance deals pretty well with this issue: it 
updates the MBeanMetadata used to create the MBean. Unfortunately, 
RegisterMBeanInstance does not deal with this problem. I wanted to migrate 
RegisterMBeanInstance and I have simply pushed it aside as a non-critical 

As a conclusion, you are definitively right: only DeploymentMetaData needs 
to be passed in.


PS: tres bon francais.

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