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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: XML POJO Update (XMLBeans)
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 19:10:49 GMT
	My sense is that none of the tools is a "perfect fit" out of the 
box, so it's just a matter of working through the necessary 
customizations.  I think I'm quite close to being satisfied with XMLBeans 
-- I suspect I just need to straighten out our Geronimo namespace and then 
wait for the XMLBeans project to put something in the Maven repository.
	But just to state my requirements, here's what I can think up off 
the top of my head:

 - the tool must be able to process the full set of J2EE XSDs, including 
EAR, Web, JSP, Taglib, EJB, RAR, web services, web services client, 
application client

 - we must be able to customize the translation of XML elements to POJO 
packages & class names

 - the tool should be reasonably fast (fraction of a second to parse DD)

 - the smaller the tool JAR the better

 - the tool should not rely on any 3rd party JARs/libraries, including 
any specific XML parser

 - the generated code should have getters and setters returning strings 
for elements that just contain text values (i.e. getEjbName() for the 
"ejb-name" child of an EJB element)

 - XPath support is a big bonus

 - the tool must be able to read and write DDs from the command-line 
deployer without any onerous configuration

 - the tool must write DDs with namespace indicators (reading and then 
rewriting a DD should not lose information in the document element or 

 - the tool should write human-readable DDs (not all on one line, use 
indentation, not unnecessary CDATA wrappers)

 - ideally, the tool would not refuse to load an incomplete document (such 
as omitting the version attribute in the document element), such that we 
could load a EJB 2.0 DD with the code generated for EJB 2.1 (not sure how 
realistic this is)

 - the tool should be available via maven, so we don't need to manually 
add the JAR to our build tree

 - ideally, the tool would generate base classes or interfaces for 
elements with common content groups (JNDI environment refs group, 
description group)


On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, Jacek Laskowski wrote:
> > Have we considered the use of JiBx ( I'm
> > seeing small reservations from everyone who looks at XMLBeans. Why not
> > consider other tools that are very well suited to the job?
> That's then the first cadidate or the second assuming XMLBeans was the 
> first. We've got two on the table, what about requirements? I don't 
> remember what were the problems with the tools, and although I would 
> probably be able to find it out very easily in the archive, I think that 
> after some time we could change out expectations as well. So, please let 
> me know what we need and Castor or XMLBeans don't provide?

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