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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: HELP! Need ideas for Geronimo presentation at ApacheCon!
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2003 14:51:39 GMT
This one time, at band camp, Greg Wilkins said:

GW>Andrew Sondgeroth wrote:
GW>> -What key API's are going to be written vs. plugging in an existing
GW>> product? (i.e. using Jetty instead of writing a servlet container)
GW>I also think the way that Jetty (and eventually tomcat) is being plumbed
GW>into geronimo is an interesting feature.
GW>It is not simply being tacked onto the side of geronimo with the
GW>unsuspecting user being thrown into Jetty (or tomcat) config file
GW>The webcontainer AND ALL ITS components are being added as first class
GW>geronimo services.  Thus connecters, webapps, request logs (and eventually
GW>session managers, realms etc.) are all geronimo services with standard
GW>geronimo lifecycles, management and configuration.

I wasn't aware of this feature set within Geronimo. Please elaborate
on how this is being acheieved. I'm not looking for JBo$$ bashing, I'm
simply looking for a down to earth description of the implmentation as
well as why this is significant (i.e. what can be achieved with this
level of integration?).

GW>The web tier is a major component of an app server and it should not
GW>be treated as a foreign subsystem simply because it is too much work
GW>to re-implement.
GW>I think that is going to be a huge plus for Geronimo and allow
GW>people to develop web-centric services (like HttpSesson distribution)
GW>using geronimo's infrastructure without getting into jetty or tomcat
GW>internals - well that's the idea anyway.

I'd really like to have a real world application of this functionality,
possibly along the lines of what you describe above. I need to be able
to explain and possbily discuss this stuff at ApacheCon (although I'm
going to rely on other Geronimo developers who are attending to jump
into the fray as needed ;-)).

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