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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject [Deployment] IM Summary for Directory Issue
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2003 21:32:28 GMT
	Alex and I talked a bit more by IM, and this is what we came up 
with.  Please feel free to send any comments.

1) We will save all distributed files to one directory, and we will set 
that to be the same as the "deploy" directory by default (keeping all 
deployments in the same location, whether by user-copied files or by 

2) For each application module in the deploy directory, we will save the
Geronimo-specific DD outside the module, with a name based on the module
name ("foo.war" gets the DD "geronimo-deployment-foo.war.xml" or something
along those lines).

3) We will add tags to the DD to hold the deployment state of the module.  
When the module is distributed, started, stopped, etc. we will update the 
DD accordingly.

4)  When the server is started, it will deploy or not according to the
tags in the DDs.  If there is no state tag in the DD, we will assume that 
this is a new module to deploy and we will deploy it (and write in the 
state tag).

5) If no geronimo-specific DD is present, we will write one out to track 
the deployment state, and attempt to use intelligent defaults for the rest 
of the settings.

	This works fairly well for JSR-88, where the DD is maintained
outside of the archive and sent to the server separately, and it shouldn't
be too hard to implement for the directory scanning deployer (either the
user copies the DD along with the archive, or we extract the Geronimo DD
from a default location in the archive).


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